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Seventy-nine photographs of remote Irish-speaking
farming and sheepherding community.
Introduction by Ciaran Carson. Faber & Faber
and Wake Forest University Press.

"In Rachel Giese's Donegal we see nature's big, rough scale–a stony, bony landscape on which the tender people move." –Annie Dillard

"These extraordinary Donegal photographs by Rachel Giese represent the heart of the documentary tradition. As John Berger has lived and recorded the lives of French peasants, so Rachel Giese evokes for us a . . . society at the end of an era, and in the everyday lives of these villagers and the sensual light of this place we are able to see ourselves, what we might have been–and still might be." –Alex Harris, Director, Center for Documentary Photography

79 duotone photographs,
104 pages, 1987
ISBN 0-916390-27-6
$20.00 cloth


Copyright © Rachel Brown