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Field Work

Twenty photographs, matted,
20" X 22" each (51 cm X 56 cm approx).

A documentary study of the things people make as part of their work, creating a new landscape, interacting with nature, rebuilding the architecture of place. Examples: machine-cut turf (Ireland), cotton modules in Texas cotton fields, drystone walls (Northern Ireland), German WWII bunker on an eroding coast in France, haystacks (France).

"This issue is titled "The Earth Issue", and many of the featured pieces focus on environment, landscape, science and nature. Exceptional mention is due to the outstanding picture essay by Rachel Giese Brown, entitled 'Field Work'. Her remarkable photographs are like epiphanies: a mountain road in France resembling a piece of stitched fabric; an ellipse of abandoned cars in a Donegal field; the surreal pyramid shapes of boats wrapped in plastic in a wintry Cape Cod..."
(Rosita Boland in a review of Irish Pages for the Irish Times, 18 December 2004)

This exhibition is available from the photographer, Rachel Brown,


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