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Thirty-four photographs of Ulster landscape with poetry text by Seamus Heaney (winner of 1995 Nobel Prize for Literature).
Faber & Faber and Farrar, Straus & Giroux.
(Published under former name Rachel Giese.)

"Giese's photographs are striking, and beautiful. Some have an almost claustrophobic feeling which corresponds to Sweeney's nearness of vision. All are subtly haunted: landscapes of presence . . . . Everywhere in Sweeney's weathered landscape Giese reveals dualisms: earth and sky, light and dark, stasis and flow, rock and mist."
–Jeremy Hooker, Irish Studies Review, Cork, Ireland

"Giese, whose Donegal Pictures established her as a keenly talented documentary photographer, here reveals a sharp and discerning eye for the varied definitions of landscape. Her images are full of clarity and passion, dignity and art, and in them Sweeney's "memory rises," "his soul roosts."
–Sara London, Provincetown Arts magazine


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